May I ask for a favor?

You may remember that a few weeks ago I gave away over 30,000 combined copies of my books for free. This was a no-strings-attached offer which meant you didn’t have to sign up to anyone else’s newsletter or enter a giveaway or sell your firstborn child:-) All you had to do was click a button on Amazon and voila your free book was delivered to your Kindle or other device.

Now that is has been a few weeks, may I ask for a favor? If you have read my books and enjoyed them, please leave a quick review on Amazon. You don’t have to since this was a no-strings-attached offer! But I would be grateful if you did leave a review for one, two, three or all of my books.

Reviews are vitally important on Amazon and to authors. To leave a review, go to the book’s page and scroll down to where it says, “write a customer review.”

If you read Something Like This, click HERE to leave a review.

If you read Haven on the Riverwalk, click HERE to leave a review.

If you read The Girl on the Roof, click HERE to leave a review.

If you read Sweetwater American, click HERE to leave a review.

If you read Dawn of the Infected, click HERE to leave a review.

The Rising and When We Fell in Love were not part of the free offer but if you have read them and enjoyed them, please consider reviewing them as well.

To leave a review for THE RISING, click HERE

To leave a review for WHEN WE FELL IN LOVE, click HERE

That’s all for today. Enjoy your day and thank you in advance for any and all reviews that you leave for my books.

Something Like This by [Coleman, Eileen Cruz]

Haven on the Riverwalk by [Coleman, Eileen Cruz]

Dawn of the Infected: A Prequel Novella (Hybrid Chronicles) by [Cruz Coleman, Eileen]

Sweetwater American by [Coleman, Eileen Cruz]

The Girl on the Roof by [Coleman, Eileen Cruz]

Thank you, again.



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For those of you who have read Something Like This, well, book two is finally coming! I cannot wait to share it with you.

If you have read my prequel novella, Dawn of the Infected, well, book one in the series should be out in the coming months.

The Billionaire’s Bed will be published in just a few short weeks!

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