A Whyte Christmas

A Whyte Christmas (The Happy Holidays Series Book 1) by [Brouder, Michele]

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Christmas has always been Kate O’Connor’s favorite time of the year, but this season—despite her battery-operated twinkle-light earrings—she’s feeling far from festive. In fact, she’s wallowing in a generous dose of self-pity over the loss of her father, the train wreck that was her engagement, and an unsavory setback in her career. To make matters worse, her boss at the Cline & Co. ad agency has volunteered her to be the one-woman welcoming committee for Gavin Whyte, the VIP client from across the pond who could be the key to saving their struggling business. Eager to prove she’s a team player, Kate resolves to show Gavin a good time, hoping his dazzling blue eyes, his delicious Irish accent, and her own propensity for disaster don’t cause her to torpedo the company’s chances of recovery.


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