Spotlight on The Vampire’s Doll by Jaclyn Dolamore

Today, I am shining the spotlight on The Vampire’s Doll by Jaclyn Dolamore. The Vampire’s Doll is book one of The Heiress and the Vampire Series.

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Who can tame the heart of a vampire? A girl without blood.

When an accident shattered Parsons Belvray’s body, her wealthy, grieving father placed her soul in the body of a Fanarlem–an artificial girl brought to life by magic. But most Fanarlem are born slaves, not privileged young women. Men treat Parsons like a toy or a curiosity, but she’s mastered the cold shoulder.

Dennis is a vampire who came to the Hidden Lands through a portal from the strange and enthralling land of America. The palace sorcerers have never seen anything like him before, so he is imprisoned and subjected of magical experiments to make powerful potions from his blood. The sorcerer Calban asks Parsons to guard Dennis, a task she hopes will lead to an elevated position in the court.

Once a respectable young lawyer, Dennis fights a constant battle against his urge to seduce and kill. Parsons feels an instant connection with him—she’s known the pain of transformation. Dennis has never seen anything like this strange girl before, but he is drawn to her—playing right into Calban’s plans to keep the vampire trapped forever. Parsons can save the man she loves, but only by sending him where an artificial girl could never go: home to America…

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Happy reading.

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