Lies on the Riverwalk


Lies on the Riverwalk by [Coleman, Eileen Cruz]

When Jenna’s husband dies in a car accident, her perfect life in Southport, North Carolina is shattered.

Alone, financially broke and depressed, she decides to move back home to the small riverside town of Solomon’s Island, Maryland where she meets Elliot, a bar owner.

Slowly, she begins to rebuild her life but just when she thinks she has found happiness again, her dead husband shows up very much alive and threatening to destroy her life if she doesn’t complete a series of mysterious tasks.

Everything Jenna thought she knew about her husband was a lie and she now finds herself not only fighting for her life but also for Elliot’s.

If you are a fan of Nora Roberts and small town romantic suspense, Lies on the Riverwalk is for you.

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  1. I preordered this book from Amazon and was checking on them (preorders) to make sure that I’d accounted for them in my “book budget”. I was probably notified of the delay in publication -but due to sketchy internet service during the last month, missed it. Will you notify through emails when the book is available? I was thoroughly puzzled as I couldn’t find a record of it anywhere so was beginning to think I’d entered (to receive) a non-existant book. Finally simply searched for book title on google and was directed to your page.

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