Exclusively on Instafreebie: A Daughter’s Guide to Traveling with Your Mom

Have you ever traveled with your mom? Just you and her?

A Daughter

Miriam embarks on a traveling adventure with her mom, known as Mami. First on the agenda is a cruise to Alaska. Will the trip bring Miriam and Mami closer together or will they end up traveling alone, swearing off mother, daughter vacations forever? A Daughter’s Guide to Traveling with Your Mom is a humorous short story.

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My mom inspired this story. She always wanted to go on anĀ adventure together, a mother and daughter traveling adventure around the world. Sadly, we never got to go on our adventure but through this little story, I envisioned what it might have been like to travel with my mom. I like to think we would have had a wonderful time!

If you have ever traveled with your mom, please share your experience in the comments!

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  1. I spent 50 days on the road with my mother this past summer. We rented a car in Florida where we live (because who wants to put 12,000 miles on their own car) and drove up to Minnesota, where she grew up and then hit the open road, only deciding where to go next the night before. We walked over the beginning of the Mississippi river. We saw Mount Rushmore. We passed by billboards advertising the Testicle Festival (and no, that isn’t an autocorrect there). National parks, roadside attractions. The Pacific ocean. Glamping by Glacier National Park. Cabins, casinos and all in between. There isn’t enough space here to truly tell our story, but there were hangry times and hilarity. I highly recommend it to anyone who has the chance.

  2. I never traveled with my Mom but I have been THE MOM on two separate trips with one of my daughters. One year we took a road trip to Panama City Beach, Florida. Was a great trip where we discovered we were not the worlds biggest gamblers because we are too cheap! Another time we took a cruise to the Maya Riviera and that was wonderful! I had been to several of the places we saw in Mexico and it was a treat to get her first reaction to the bluest waters in the world. I don’t think we ever had a cross word on either trip…but she is an easy going person…LOL. Great memories

  3. I never did get to travel with my mother, but I’ve made sure that doesn’t happen to my daughter. She and my granddaughters shared “girl’s trips” for eight years (six for the younger granddaughter). We made some beautiful memories on those trips (and some interesting ones, as well!).

  4. When my Mom was in her 70’s we travelled to Florida to visit my cousin. It was one of the best trips ever! We wre bumped to first class and drank champagne on the plane; shopped on girls only trips; and told lots of family stories. We laughed, cried and loved.

    Got to be the mom on a trip when our oldest daughter asked me to go to Ireland with himer on a college trip. Brought us even closer together than we already were. I treasure those emories!

  5. I traveled with my mom from California to Cape Cod. It was a tour group of retired people. My mom and dad had signed up for the trip,but before they could pick a date, my dad passed away. I am a teacher, but missed the first week of school to go with my mom. I had a lot of guilt about that!! and trepidation about going with “old folks.” My mom and I had the BEST time! we did our own thing most days and would meet up with the others for dinner most nights. I loved getting to spend uninterrupted time with her. Mom put the other “old folks” to shame with her energy and enthusiasm.

  6. I have an 8-1/2 pound Silky Terrier named Tinkerbelle. She is my “baby girl” and sticks t pi me like glue. She is currently 12-1/2 years old and will always be a perpetual puppy.

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