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  1. The moon went behind the clouds as Tabitha ran down the road, tears streaming down her cheeks. The footsteps pursuing her had long since faded, but still she ran, afraid the nightmare of what happened this night would never leave her; after all, it’s not every day a girl has to kill a monster, especially one who had been her boyfriend before he turned on her. Now, with only the scant comfort of earlier memories to sustain her, she would have to face an uncertain future alone.

  2. Lane was alone in the mausoleum when the flashlight batteries died, “Great, just great,”he whispered in the dark. All of a sudden, Lane heard stone on stone grating, slowly he turned and saw 2 red glowing eyes in the darkness. Before he knew what was happening, a Wolfman was ripping him in half.

  3. Laura stretched and slowly awoke from her sleep. As she rolled over her hand touched warm, tone muscle. She slowly opened her eyes and her breath caught in her throatas she shook her unbelieving head.

  4. Things That Go Bump In The Night by Betty
    Thinking that something is watching you was Alora’s normal,but this felt definitely different. She felt a push forward but when she turned to look,she was frozen by the appearance of a creature that was thought to be a myth. As she watches in shocked silence,it’s ebony and silver tipped wings envelope her. Hearing a charismatic voice in her head saying,” Mine”.

  5. The plane finally landed, the green and craggy hills of Ireland are out there waiting for me. Why the hell did I think this was a good idea? Of course I knew why, my crazy roommate said “lets celebrate graduating with a trip I can learn real folk music and you can paint all the landscapes you want”, so where is she, home in bed with the flu “you go I’ll catch up in a few days” she says.

  6. As she adjusted the veil clips in her hair, she contemplated the journey that had brought them to this special day.

    Who would believe that answering an ad for a kitchen table in her first apartment would lead her to the one man who could erase the doubts embedded in her mind by her horrible ex?

    Luckily for her, she had found her Prince Charming and now the music was starting that would give them both the “and they lived happily ever after” that neither could have guessed was coming.

  7. She knew she’d regret it later. Regret it bitterly. And yet… when the sin is oh, so sweet! future heartache it truly seems inconsequential.

  8. Her hand shook violently as she raised the kitchen knife, the moonlight glinting off her sweaty skin. Twenty years of emotional, verbal, and physical abuse would end with one downward stroke, consequences be damned. She drew in a breath, preparing to make the final strike, when an infant’s cry startled her; freedom would have to wait.

  9. Her Forever Home, by Kat Olmstead.

    She shielded her eyes from the bright sun as she stepped off of the bus, spotting the tall silhouette of a man in the shadows. Her stomach filled with butterflies as she approached him and he reached for her drawing her close, their bodies fitting perfectly against the other. His lips found hers and she inhaled sharply and a tear rolled down her cheek; She was his, he was hers and she was home.

  10. It was a dark and stormy night but Meridith was warm and cosy on her bear rug in front of the fire. All she needed to make the evening perfect was a big bear of a man to make sure she stayed warm. When the door opened and Jason stepped in, dripping from the storm, she knew that all of her dreams had come true and she would never be alone again.

  11. She looked in the mirror. A strange light glowed from her eyes and she heard an echoing laughter in her mind.
    “We are one, my dear. Intertwined for eternity and beyond.”
    ” You are me and I am you, each other’s symbiotic prizoner…body, mind, and soul.”

  12. Loise awoke to severe pain running down here arms from where her wrists were chained together, hanging from what looked like a butcher’s hook. Slowly she remembered how she became a prisoner of Albion, that gorgeous blond haired, blue eyed man she had trusted with her love for the last two years. Why was he engaging in horrific activities against the few humans left in the pod after the holocaust, when his own family add been captured by the dreaded halflings?

  13. The darkened room hid him well, she was oblivious to the penetrating stare that absorbed her every move as he waited for his chance. Dancing was her guilty pleasure, and she indulged every moment she could; careful to frequent quality clubs, of course,and she never encouraged her partners to expect more than a good time on the dance floor. Until tonight, when she felt an inexplicable need to discover the source of energy infusing her the moment a new partner took her in his arms on the dance floor.

  14. Joy grabbed her purse as she jumped up to answer the door in the second night of the The Game. She tried to guess which of the three would be her date tonight–Josh, the mysterious blond; Sam, the funny delivery man who always flirted with her; or Yazzi, the amazingly blue-eyed Swede, whose arms looked as inviting as his eyes. She threw open the door to “Ms. Fisher, you are under arrest for the cold-blooded murder of …”

  15. Our eyes met across the crowded train station, the world silently faded in the background, we were instantly drawn to each other. As I approached him a flood of memories assaulted me, he was here, could now be my chance; could I finally have what I’ve wanted for the past 8 years? He reached out for me quickly encompassing, I closed my eyes as he leaned down to kiss me, and finally I had him.

  16. Wow! Did I just see him knock her over? He just kept going? Get out of here, fast, you could
    be the next victim! Should I help her or just go? My enter self says just go, but I cannot leave her
    there on the street. I must help! Hurry before he comes back! O, no, she is toooo heavy!!

  17. ” Why did I come down to these catacombs” said Grace, just then she heard a loud creaking sound. One of the doors was beginning to slide open. She held her breath for what seemed an eternity, and then……

  18. As he looked up from his hospital bed and out towards the snow that covered the roof top he couldn’t help but remember that promise that he had made to his platoon “we will all leave here together, I promise”

    Why did he said that? Why was he the only one that survived that horrible day? How was he suppose to go on now?

    Nurse Amanda Sampson looked through the cracks in the door at the solider that had finally woke up after 5 weeks, the haunted look in his eyes shattered her heart. Is that what her younger brother looked like the night he took his life after coming back after his 3rd tour!

  19. Relief flooded through her. Finally she could see her sweet baby girl, healthy and completely human from the looks if it. Fear had consumed her the last months, fear that her baby might be a monster, too. Just like its father who had raped her months ago. But then a thought crossed her mind – what if it would change later…

  20. He saw her across the crowded room, a growing need to caress her stirred within him just from the sight of her dark cascading locks and intriguing curves. He casually strolled to her side and whispered lightly in her ear, “I didn’t think you’d make it tonight.” She sweetly smiled as she turned into him as she replied, “Nothing could keep me away from you.”

  21. She stands looking out the window wondering how her life had gotten so bad ,so quick.Looking back on things she was smart ,had her college degree and yet her she was selling her time to make ends meet.Right now life sucked and she knee who had some of the blame to this life of hell I’m living “.He’ll get his soon” she thinks with a small smile as she turns from the window “soon”.

  22. “What do you mean a wagon fell out of the China Berry tree and hit your son in the head, Ms. Taylor?” Dr. Reed asked with a skeptical look on his face.
    Ms. Taylor, with a tired expression, slumped in her chair and said for the third time that night, “Exactly what I said, Dr. Reed. The wagon fell out of the tree and hid Dillon in the head and that is how his head was cut.”
    “I see, Ms. Taylor, everyone has wagons growing in their China Berry trees,” Dr. Reed said, as he pulled out his phone to call CPS, walking away, so glad to be getting off his shift–tired in spirit as well as body.

  23. Warmed by the sun beating down on her face, Harley awoke startled. She shook her head and thought where am I? Where in the hell is my horse?

  24. It was one those cloudless nights, the moon bright over head; Shena stood frozen, unsure if she should be frightened or fascinated by the sight running towards her. Killian, her hot, dreamy neighbor, running towards her surrounded by a wolf pack; he slows down, the wolves surrounding her on all sides, leaving her no escape. Killian walks towards her, wraps his strong arms around her waist, pulling her closer as he leans down close to her ear and whispers, It’s about time you answered my call Shena; he then kisses her till they were both breathless, as the wolves howled around them. Their Alpha finally found his mate!

  25. Amidst the throes of war she was always in my heart. Her last kiss-her last wave
    stayed fresh each day, as if it had occurred the day before. And, now, today, with
    the war over for me, I pray that her love will be enough to vanquish the turmoil
    raging in my soul.

  26. How do you deal with the death of a good friend? Earlier today I received a phone call informing me that a dear friend of mine had passed away, thankfully, in her sleep. Now the tears have started and I know tomorrow and the next couple of days are going to get worse for me.

  27. Philip stared down at the beautiful face of Lila, now marred by a nasty gash on one side of her head, the crimson blood clotting in the halo of her wavy red hair, arms laying at unnatural angles, shards of glass surrounding her on the cold white tiled floor of the mansion’s great hall. He looked up at his guests, the group dressed as various literary characters from classic mystery novels – the theme of his Murder Mystery Weekend – and then focused his gaze on his best friend George, who’d volunteered to play the victim, standing nearby, equally horrified by his sister’s pale face, permanently frozen in a state of shock and horror. The other guests murmered amongst themselves, delighted to have begun solving a fun mystery, unaware that Lila was neither a participant in the game, nor was she playing dead, and Philip had the awful task of explaining that his party was over, the cops were to be called, and the real mystery of who killed his fiance was to begin.

  28. It was a dark and stormy night, sorry Snoopy I needed a good opening line. Suddenly a shot rang out., and the lights went out. There was a terrifiying scream and silence.

  29. My heart started pounding ,my stomach had butterflies and I felt giddy ,euphoria ,I hadn’t seen him since I was 18 ..

    I couldn’t believe that I still felt this way ,he had been the love of my life back then and we only became separated due to circumstances beyond our Control,fate had brought us back together .

    We both looked at each other ,I could only hope he shared my feelings ,he was still tall,dark and handsome with a little greying ,but a silver fox now ,I began to speak but the words just wouldn’t come ,luckily for me he spoke first ……….

  30. Waking from a nightmare she sat up in bed, wondering what had triggered such a fright, and decided perhaps a cup of hot chocolate would settle her nerves and soothe her back to sleep. Wandering downstairs into the kitchen she startled, as sounds of thumps, scratching, and glass breaking echoed up through the door that led down to the cavernous basement. Nerves sparking with renewed fear, she cautiously opened the door, reaching in to flip on the downstairs light, only to stumble back, laughing, as her cat Max barreled thru the door, dead mouse swinging by a tail from his mouth.

  31. Maria was settling down for the evening with her book. All of a sudden she heard a bang and thud downstairs. She put on her robe and slippers and as quietly as she could, she went down the stairs. The man was looking through her purse, and totally unaware of her presence. What on earth could he want from her. Then she remembered that her boss had given her a USB to keep for him. Must be something on it, she should never have agreed. She grabbed the baseball bat, that she kept in the hall, and attacked, but first she called 911. Thankfully they arrived in time to arrest the man, before anymore harm could be done.

  32. We met when we were young. I lived in the states he lived in Italy and came home for summers. The summer we met went so fast, we spent everyday together and promised to write each other and seal each letter with a kiss. When next summer arrived, I awaited anxiously for him to return. Return he did, but before seeing me he met with some of his friends who told him things that were not true. He believed his friends, didn’t really listen to my side, and as quick as the summer started that’s as quick as it ended. If he only gave me a fighting chance, but that’s how some stories end.

  33. Angela stared in shock and fear as the devastatingly handsome stranger strode purposely from the fire place. Prince Phillip of Angarpesh was totally focused on the beautiful woman that had drawn him across time and space to this location. When he reached Angela he quickly wrapped his strong arms around her waist and threw her over his shoulder, turning he walked with purpose directly into the flames in the fire place, through the portal and into the hall of the palace.

  34. Kayhla arrived at the scene, the bodies of the two victims were laying side by side. Looking at the scene, it could be deceiving. How did they get there? Did they know each other or have anything in common? Kayhla then asked if there were any witness. An officer pointed out a small group that had been kept separated then she saw him……The guy just outside the group, well built and good looking, watching and taking everything in. Who was he? He seemed out of place with the others…..Was he the killer or an innocent bystander?

    She finished looking over the crime scene and took all the information she could from the witnesses but when she got to the man that seemed out of place; while asking her questions found out he was a fellow officer by the name of Azerius whom ended up in the middle of a crime scene.

    After all the sources were investigated and all the questions asked over and over, they found the killer in the penthouse of a hotel. When Kayhla and Azerius came through the penthouse room door, the killer looked at them and said “I’ve been waiting for you”; he was then taken into custody……a case was closed and two innocent people at the wrong place was vindicated and put to rest.

  35. Mark walked in the room and I had to tell myself to breath as I realized he was walking my way with a very strange look on his face. “What are you doing here? It’s been 15 years since I told you I loved you and you walked away from me!”

  36. Alice had been lusting after her best friends older brother, Ben, for years, but was just like his little sister. Well, Alice went away to college and didn’t really come home often, but she kept tabs on Ben via Facebook, where she learned he was basically coming to her, well at least the same city. Alice had grown up a lot and filled out nicely, boy was Ben going to be surprised!!

  37. There are moments in life we don’t want to let go of. Sometimes there are even moments that never seem to end. When you have a moment that won’t let go of you, sometimes you simply have to hang on for dear life and hope to hell someone comes along to ride with you.

  38. Two men came through the door of the restaurant and sat at a table in her section. The younger of the two was a hunk who reminded her of Elvis Presley with dark hair and sideburns. Leah made sure they had excellent service as they ordered and at their lunch, sneaking peeks and sharing smiles with the attractive young man. She sighed as they left knowing she was not likely to see them again as they were definitely not locals.
    Later that night she went to a local night club to celebrate a friends birthday and got a big surprise..sitting at the table with her friend was the guy she thought she would never see again! They talked and danced the night away. As they say, the rest is history.

  39. Someone or something was watching as the little boy was walking in the woods, he had no idea that the bobcat was stalking him. He finally saw the bobcat who was almost as big as he was. He knows he was told not to go in the woods by his mother. All of a sudden the bobcat was hit by a limb of a pine tree and was sent flying through the air. Who pulled the limb back, no one was there.
    There is something strange going on in the new house and these woods!

  40. I awoke from a nightmare, only to find that is was true. That my love had abanded me in a damp, dank basement. With the sickly sweet smell of our essence all around. The question all are asking about now is…..

  41. I knew I was making a terrible mistake. But then again aren’t you supposed to learn from your mistakes? Lee was unzipping his jeans and I knew then this was going to be a hard lesson.

  42. Lora watched the sun fade beyond the horizon and she knew it was almost time. The blind date; those always go bad, what would make this one any different. A man walks into coffee, drawing the breathe out of her lungs and then he sits across from her and she can feel the whole world shift.

  43. She heard a voice in the forest calling her name and she followed the mesmerizing voice. He stood a clearing beckoning her to him. She went to him and they embraced and she knew her life would never be the same.

  44. Niagara Falls, is the honeymoon capital of the world, and where Chase and Sandy have been having a marvelous time together. They’ve been to see all the sites, including the Falls. But this night, Chase had gone out and has yet to return.

  45. Tex was in a tough position either come up with the bank payment or get foreclosed on the ranch. Then the bank sent an accountant to look at the bookwork to see if there was any way to save the ranch. Tex was mad about it and decided he was going to tell off the accountant when he came. But when the accountant came in the form of a buxom brunette by the name of Holly he was tongue tied.

  46. So, this is a paragraph from a homicide story that I had to write for a college class.

    Jackson cannot help but be surprised at Mary’s intrusion, but then again he shouldn’t have expected anything different, especially from her. Before Jackson can say anything Mary says “What the hell was that out thee? I thought you were leaving her for me and your child?” Jacksons answer is simple, “I love her, not you, it was one night, and it was a mistake, we were drunk.”

  47. It was a beautiful sunny day when she walked out of her office and headed to the train to make the long journey home, but she stopped in her tracks when she saw him standing at the curb waiting for a cab. Their eyes met and all other plans were forgotten as they strolled towards the local pub. That night after spending hours getting to know this stranger no more she had one thought, “he’s either the man of my dreams or my worst nightmare”.

  48. She was reading the letter for a third and final time, still not really believing the words which obviously had been written by the very man she desired since her early teens, but only saw once and never talked to. He was the tall, dark mysterious and unapproachable knight she was dreaming about since so many years that she sometimes wasn’t even sure if he was real or just a result of her vivid imagination and glowing heart. The instruction was clearly written – burn some of your hair, read the last 3 sentences out loud and wait for the light to return – and after she was speaking the last word, her world went dark before he appeared right before her, glowing brighter than a full moon in a pitch black night…

  49. When I wanted to try out my father’s coffin as a kid, I found a long, blonde hair in it. Where did that come from? The funeral director, who had claimed the coffin was new and unused, said it was “unfortunate”—

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  51. She looked nothing at like the other Gifts, but something about her reminded me of Them all the same. I knew she’d make the perfect next Gift, so I began to watch her, surreptitiously, every moment that I could spare. She even crept into my dreams, as I began to imagine how I’d pose her when I offered her, cleansed and purified, and once again Worthy.

  52. Something in the air just didn’t feel right, like time was standing still and just like last time, it started off exactly the same, with Her. Contemplating the events to come, unsure of what it had in store, would she survive again or was she doomed to join her family in the cemetary of despair and anguish? Only time would tell but luckily she was a fighter and so that is what she would do and in the end she alone would be her own hero and carry on.

  53. And then she watched him stroll into the bar. He was a hot as the sun at high noon. Wow could he wear a pair of jeans!

  54. Holding his hand tight, Mia slowly looked up into his dark eyes. “Do you trust me?” he asked, “Because in order for us to survive this, you need to trust me to do what is best for us.” Mia slowly nodded, knowing in her heart she has made the right decision!

  55. She was on her way home much later than normal with six more blocks to go.The night air was damp and chilly and a soft breeze blew.Out of the shadows leaped a werewolf grabbing and dragging her off.

  56. Allie looked around, wondering where she was. She noticed the barred windows, the spiderwebs covering all the furniture, and a door. As she was getting up to go to the door, she heard a scratching on the other side.

  57. He stood there for a moment just looking at the stars while waiting for Jenni to arrive. Taking a deep breath then grins as slender arms snake around his waist. “There you are gorgeous. What took you so long?” he asked with a deep southern drawl. .

  58. They told me to write, but I don’t know why, and I don’t understand what good it will do, because I don’t even know who the hell I am!
    They told me to write, that it would help, that I’d remember, but I don’t remember, and trying to write is just exhausting… even more exhausting than trying to remember!
    They told me write, as if writing was the be-all and end-all of everything that was therapeutic in the eorld, like I’d only get better and only remember by writing, but I don’t think these people have any clue what they’re talking about because I’ve been here for like months, and THEY can’t even tell me my own name!

  59. I could see that the house was on fire as I turned into my cul-de-sac. I slammed the car into park and jumped out to run to my house because the street was blocked by fire engines and EMT vehicles. The back doors of an EMT truck were open as they worked on my 12 year old son laying on the gurney.

  60. I could see the headlights of the man on the Harley behind me. It was raining so hard that I felt I had to keep letting him follow me, so he had some kind of guide home safely. I turned the music up and kept driving slowly home. My favorite song ” Unchained Melody” came on as the rain came down even harder. I pulled over as did the hard man. We danced in the rain on the side of the road to my favorite song. It was a night I’ll never forget.

  61. “Why are they all dying, Danny?” As they both studied the ground littered with ladybugs crawling slowly nowhere, he answered, “they’ve just reached the end of their road, Sis.” Nancy squeezed her brother’s hand and begged, “please don’t reach the end of your road without me, Danny.”

  62. It was a dark and stormy night. The burgler figured the thunder would cover any noises he might make while breaking into the home of the richest man in town. His mistake was thinking that the former navy seal was old and infirm—- bye-bye burglar.

  63. The large yellow tomcat jumped up onto the desk and lazily lay down on the keyboard. The tired woman said ” what, are in charge now?” The large tomcat just yawned and tapped her arm with his paw.

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