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Dawn of the Infected Cover

Never Surrender. Not Now. Not Ever.

For twenty-three-year-old start-up tech company CEO Selena Martinez, it was just another uneventful early morning bus commute from her cottage in rural Southern Maryland to her office in Washington, D.C. But when her bus is suddenly attacked by a horde of crazed savages, Selena becomes immersed in a world of terror and confusion, where she must learn to survive on her own using smarts and skills she never dreamed she possessed.

Selena is a fighter, but even someone as strong-willed and determined as she needs a little help during an apocalypse.That help comes in the form of a mysterious man who seemingly appears from nowhere and saves her from certain death. Selena will soon learn that she was saved for a very special reason, and that she may, in fact, hold the answer to saving the world.

Dawn of the Infected is a prequel novella to the Hybrid Chronicles.

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Eileen Cruz Coleman - Something Like This - Book Cover

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Something Like Him

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Haven on the Riverwalk

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The Girl On The Roof

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Charmed Legacy Collection Coming Soon

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